Our Youth program is designed to teach children the fundamentals of dance. Our Mentors are experienced veterans in the dance industry, with years of experience teaching dance in schools, theatres, and shows.

The Benefits of Dance to Children

Children pick up rhythm and movement before they form words. Dance gives children a way to channel their boundless energy into a positive and meaningful way. Some of the benefits of dance are:

  • Developing Social Awareness

    Dance gives children the opportunity to learn in a comfortable and fun social setting. Children can interact with others through sharing space, cheering, supporting, and performance. They learn to understand the concept of non-verbal communication through movement.

  • Building Self-Esteem

    Being comfortable in your own skin promotes body positivity and confidence. Dance enables children to become comfortable with their bodies.

  • Cognitive Development

    Movement through music builds the mind-body connection and promotes cognitive development. Children learn that dance is a method to express an idea or problem.

  • Physical Development

    Dance is as much a sport as it is an art. Children develop body awareness, balance, muscle strength and control, coordination, and range of motion. Patterns in dance give instill cross-recreational skills in children unseen in any other sport.