, Choreography

Our Dance Choreography Program is built upon 8 years of experience hosting dance workshops and events in the Bay Area. Our classes feature concepts and techniques from Hip-Hop Dance, Jazz, Contemporary, and more.

  • Mentors Invested In Their Students

    Our mentors at On One Studios are committed to the growth of their students because they are students, too! Many of our mentors take class at the studio to continue learning and building a community of familiarity. Each class is thought provoking and personal to challenge dancers of all levels in different ways.

  • A History of Commitment to Quality

    Our Adult Program is a product of years of experience as a workshop-hosting organization. We’ve crafted our program through rigorous testing and assessment, and for us that process will never end. Every day we are learning and evolving as a studio so that we can offer our community a fulfilling and meaningful experience.

  • Variety of Classes for All Ages

    On One Studios is a pioneer in the dance studio industry, as we offer a unique rotational schedule featuring different choreographers every week. The variety is great for students, and it also means we get to support more mentors more often. We have no doubt you will be able to find a class you love.

Dance Choreography  Levels 

Choreography I

Choreography I focuses on providing a welcoming environment for people of all walks of life to begin learning the basics of dance. The class will offer foundational movement, basic techniques (grooving, fundamentals, rhythm), and allow a space to learn more about the San Jose dance community. Our mentors work toward having their students understand dance values, fundamental skills, and give them the tools and techniques needed to continue their dance journey.

  • Learn the fundamentals
  • Find the fun in dance
  • Meet the community

Choreography II

Choreography II offers a place to challenge the skills individuals learned from Choreography I by introducing more complex techniques, greater practice in fundamentals, and more choreography. Focusing on developing concepts such as textures, integrating other dance styles, and musicality, Choreography Il acts as a bridge for Choreography I dancers to prepare for the more advanced routines taught in Choreography III. Our mentors work toward challenging their students, breaking them out of their comfort zone, and pushing them to refine the skills they gained from Choreography I.

  • Practice your technique
  • Push out of your comfort zone
  • Expand your dance vocabulary

Choreography III

Choreography III aims to challenge seasoned dancers in multiple ways. Whether it be learning a lot of choreography in one session or having students hyper-focused on a particular skill, the goal to elevate dancers to the next level remains the same. Our mentors are some of the best dancers that they Bay Area has to offer. Learn from the best, become your best!

  • Challenge yourself
  • Think outside the box
  • Find your own dance style

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