Our Youth’s Classical Dance Program teaches children the basic principles of Ballet and Jazz. Students are trained to learn proper technique from our mentors as well as how to strengthen their bodies, enhance their overall focus and coordination, and improve their musicality.

  • Strengthening the Body

    By learning various techniques in dance students will begin to develop proper body posture, refine motor skills, build endurance, and improve muscle tone and strength through constant movement and stretching.

  • Enhancing Focus and Coordination

    At a young age, classical dance will allow students to build a strong relationship between the mind and body. This will translate into their coordination, literacy of rhythm and active movement, and ability to focus.

  • Cultivating Music Appreciation

    Being exposed to classical music has been linked to improving the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning. Modern-day Ballet and Jazz music are rooted in Classical music and learning the dance styles will expose them to the benefits that music can provide.