On One Studios (OOS) is a dance studio dedicated to spreading the passion, creativity, and joy that comes with dance. Our mission is to spread the positive benefits that dance brings, to the greater community. Our workshops and special events are open to people of all ages and skill levels.

On One Studios was born from a single workshop held every Monday since 2010 called “MondayNightWorkshop”. Founded by Guino Dalit his goal was to share the passion, community, and growth that he experienced while avidly taking class at Studio 429. Through the years MondayNightWorkshop has been serving San Jose the most inclusive, professional, and consistent dance workshops every week inviting top notch choreographers from around the world that have been featured all around the entertainment industry. As MondayNightWorkshop grew so did it’s family by connecting everyone from around the world through dance by hosting events, cultivating culture, and collaboration with other leading organizations.

On September 2016 MondayNightWorkshop campaigned a Kickstarter to build a new home for itself. Thanks to our friends, family, and dancers around the globe the Kickstarter goal was met, allowing On One Studios to become a reality. In one year On One Studios grand opened on September 2017 compiling the best teaching staff in the area experienced in mentoring students to reach any goals they set for themselves.

Grand Opening – September 2017

Our Core Values


We believe that time is precious, and the time you set aside in your busy schedule to spend with us, should be valuable and worthwhile.

We invite choreographers that we believe have something unique to spread to others. They are passionate and dedicated to spreading the joy and positivity that comes with dance.


On One Studios is dedicated to providing the best possible atmosphere for our students. Our studio is spacious and amiable, with a state-of-the-art sound system and high-quality hardwood floors. On One Studios is about the community. We believe that dance should be a positive, community-building activity where people of all ages and backgrounds can form bonds through movement and music.


On One Studios is a safe haven for people who love to express themselves through dance, purely for the sake of dancing. Our studio is a place of growth.

A place where students are able to challenge themselves while growing at their own pace. We believe in hardwork and fun for people of all ages–whether it’s your first class or your 50th.