On One K-Pop is a dance program based out of On One Studios dedicated to sharing and spreading the love of K-Pop culture towards fans and aspiring dancers alike. This dance program is led by a select few choreographers who are extremely passionate about K-Pop and have ample history of the dance community. We strive to spread On One's values of Passion, Community, and Growth to incoming K-Pop fans who want to dance and have fun at our studio, as well as promoting a new culture to the dance community, bridging dance and K-Pop together.

  • Learn some dance covers!

    K-Pop Dance Covers emerged around 2011 as part of the cultural storm of Korean pop culture. They have become one of the highest forms of tribute that fans are able to honor and support their favorite artists. To this day, K-Pop dance covers have provided an outlet for fans around the world to be involved and enjoy K-Pop.

  • Be a performer and a dancer!

    If you love or wanted the feeling of performing like a K-Pop star, then this the class you’d want to go to! If you want to learn, grow, and get better as a dancer, then this is also for you! Our mentors incorporate teaching methods that focus on K-Pop idol elements such as quality, discipline, and self-confidence while taking in concepts and philosophies from Urban Dance.

  • Stay connected!

    Group culture is very big in the K-Pop scene, and being a part of a community allows you to feel a sense of belonging. People of all skill levels have the opportunity to communicate and collaborate, and come to each class enjoying the feeling of dancing together. Anyone can be a part of a community whether it’s for the fandom, growth, or for fun.

Meet our Mentors!

Melissa Ali-Santosa
Marlon Datu
Eric Pham
Tad Racca

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