E v e r y   S a t u r d a y  |  8 : 3 0 a m - 9 : 3 0 a m

About the mentor

Dani Galvez  is a passionate human who wishes to spread the benefits of movement meditation with the world. Dani first discovered her love for movement through dance. She has trained and taught dance as a student in the Dance Program at San Jose State University. Upon discovering the practice of yoga, she began to utilize the inward focus of movement meditation within her dance artistry. She has received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification at World’s Yoga. During the Teacher Training Program, she fell in love with the philosophy of yoga as well as its capability to be accessible for everybody. Yoga has brought clarity, self-love, and mindfulness to light for her. She wishes to help yogis and yoginis find balance, peace, strength, and flexibility through movement meditation. Dani offers a calming, grounded atmosphere in her classes and wishes to offer her light to the world. She teaches all level Vinyasa classes, Yin, Power, and Restorative. To learn more about Dani, click here!


$ 1 8  d r o p - i n  ( a t  t h e  d o o r )   |   $ 1 6  o n l i n e   |   C l a s s  p a s s  v a l i d