Dance Fitness Classes That Makes You Groove!

Do you want to get fit and have fun? Groov3 is a dance fitness program that will help you feel like a superstar. It’s easy to learn, low impact, and it’s for everyone! You don’t need any dance experience or coordination — just come as you are. We promise that once you try it out, we know you won’t be able to stop dancing!     At GROOV3, we believe in making fitness fun so our classes are full of high-energy music and choreography designed by professional dancers. If dancing makes your heart beat faster and gets your blood pumping then this class is definitely for you! It doesn’t matter if it’s been years since high school gym class or if this isn’t even close to being on your radar as a workout option — GROOV3 can help anyone become a better dancer while also getting into shape.     Not only does it burn calories but it also builds strength in muscles that don’t typically get worked out during other workouts like arms and legs! So whether you’re looking for an exciting new form of exercise or just want some time away from screens (yes we said it), GROOV3 has something special waiting just for YOU!


Non-Stop, No-Holding-Back, Calorie-Slaying DJ set.

Different Speeds Of Choreography To Match And Amplify Any Learning Style.

Times The Empowerment As You Dance, Sweat, And Live Far Beyond Your Workout!


A few years back, we decided that dance should be fun and accessible to all. Not only to get a good workout and a good sweat, but it should build a community of fun, happy, energetic people who support each other and have a common goal to change the world one eight count at a time. Changing the world through dance might seem like a daunting task, but at our company’s core we know that if one hour a day, a week, or even a month can positively affect someone’s well-being, which then spreads to those around them. The ripple effect of our GROOV3MENT could in fact create a better world for us all to live in.

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