Move Like a K-Pop Idol At On One Studios

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance like your favorite K-Pop idol? We offer a class that will not only let you learn the latest K-Pop choreographies, but also to help you become a better dancer and performer. Our team of K-Pop mentors are passionate about sharing their love of K-Pop with others, so they’ve put together an amazing program just for fans who want to learn how to dance like their idols. Whether it’s BTS EXO, GOT7, NCT, BLACKPINK, TWICE, or ITZY, we have something for everyone!     If you want to feel confident in front of crowds and perform on stage, then our K-Pop Cover Dance Class is perfect for you. You can even join us at one of our many events throughout the year where we bring out all the stops and show off what we’ve learned from these classes.     So come on down today and get started with us! It doesn’t matter if this is your first time dancing or if you already know some moves; there is something here for everyone.


Channel Your Inner K-Pop Artist

Hone in on K-Pop idol elements such as movement quality, discipline, and stage presence while taking in new dance concepts and philosophies.

Connect With Others

Dance together, dress together, cheer together- anyone can be a part of a community whether it’s for the fandom, growth, or for fun.

K-Pop Covers

With K-Pop Covers, students can expect to learn the special moments of the music video choreography from your favorite K-Pop idols. This class offers a different experience with a focus on stage performance. K-Pop Dance Covers emerged in the early 2010s as part of the cultural storm of Korean pop culture. They have become one of the highest forms of tribute that fans are able to honor and support their favorite artists. To this day, K-Pop dance covers have provided an outlet for fans to enjoy K-Pop, and is often showcased around the world such as dancing to “K-Pop In Public”.

  • Increase your understanding of details
  • Show off your idol costumes with friends
  • Build your idol-stage presence
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