, Tad Racca


For over 12 years, Tad Racca has gone through many endeavors with dance starting with the directorship of a high-school dance team as a teenager, being a part of a growing dance organization, and currently dancing with a widely-renowned professional dance company. Since 2012, Tad have worked with a dance organization called, Monday Night Workshop, which later became, On One Studios. During his time with On One, Tad acquired extensive knowledge of the urban dance community along with a perpetual drive for growth, passion, and community. He was later recruited to a dance team in 2015, The Company, whom I continue to dance with. Moving forward with the team, Tad continues to gain more knowledge about dance in the specificities of movement and quality of moving, leading to the dancer I am today.

Alongside dance, Tad is an active K-Pop dance teacher at On One. Since 2011, he actively preoccupied myself with K-Pop by listening to multiple Korean artists, learning its history, understanding the idol creation process, and even pondering its trending presence onto the world today. My current favorite K-Pop artists include groups such as Big Bang, LOONA, TWICE, and BLACKPINK to solo R&B and Hip-Hop artists like TaeYeon, Dean, Zico, IU, Crush, Jay Park, and many more. With the amount of wisdom he acquired from the Dance and K-Pop communities, Tad aspires to continue learning, to lead others, and to grow a community that brings two of my worlds together, Dance and K-Pop.


Side A | Fridays at 1:00pm-2:30pm

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