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Season Updates: Spring 2020

Welcome to a new segment on the blog called Season Updates, which is a way for you to keep up-to-date on what’s happening at the studio. This season, we have brand new classes, new mentors, new time slots, and a new Teen’s Program schedule. See below for details. Class Schedule Updates Our class schedule looks a little different this season, ... Read More ...
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5 Tips When Taking A Dance Class

Read on to learn how to get the most out of taking dance classes! ...
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Sprintensive 2019 | Dance Event Recap

On One Studios' Blog is back in motion, and we’re excited to keep you up to date with our events like Sprintensive 2019. Read on and relive the dance workshops! ...
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5 Ways Arts & Music Benefit Children with Special Needs

This article is a guest post from writer Lillian Brooks. The many benefits of involving children in arts and music are well-documented. They are an essential part to any child’s growth and development. For children with special needs or disabilities, arts and music are also a way for them to better connect with the world and can offer them a ... Read More ...
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In The Mind: #6 – Jaylen Pea

by: Tad Racca Welcome to the newest edition of In The Mind, a series about getting an inside look into the mind of a dancer and their creation process. Meet Jaylen Pea! He’s been dancing for about 7 years now since his junior year in high school. Jaylen is currently active dancing with Syndicate, and is assigned to Clear Talent Group ... Read More ...
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In The Mind: #5 – Dani Galvez

by: Tad Racca Hello and welcome to the 5th edition of In The Mind! If you didn’t know already, the series has been on hold for a week due to the grand opening that happened last week. Thank you all who came to such a a big event! Here’s a recap of the grand opening incase you missed it!  Now the cool ... Read More ...
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In The Mind: #4 – Kevin Breis

by: Tad Racca   What’s up readers! Welcome to the fourth edition of In The Mind. So far, there was never a moment where I didn’t learn at least one thing in each interview. After listening and taking in different perspectives, I’ve noticed that everyone’s different and unique, obviously. What really intrigues me is that there are people who have a voice behind what ... Read More ...
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In The Mind: #3 – Brandon Huynh

by: Tad Racca Aaaand we are back with another In The Mind interview! If you have been following since the first interview and made it this far, thank you for reading! As of now, it’s been a really great experience talking with dancers alike, yet with different minds. This series has not only been fun, but it also warms my heart ... Read More ...
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Capture the Moment: Shooting Dance Performances

by: Ian Teraoka It’s almost Body Rock, which means that people are going to be taking a lot of dance pictures! It’s always fun taking photos of performing arts, especially when you dance as well. However, it can be difficult to get a good shot when there’s so much movement involved, and it’s hard to shoot at the right moment without letting ... Read More ...
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Roots before Branches: The Story of Body Rock

by Kevin V. Nguyen BodyRock: the Shangri-La of urban dance. The urban dance Super Bowl few witness live, and even fewer step upon. Every year, talented dancers from across the globe converge on BodyRock’s hallowed ground, to give to the dance community a spectacle of movement through music. When we think of BodyRock, we think of the masterful performances that made ... Read More ...
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In The Mind: #2 – TJ Andaya

by: Tad Racca What’s up everyone! We are back with In The Mind having our SECOND interview! This is Tad Racca, representing On One Studios, and I’ll be conducting these interviews regularly with our future choreographers. This blog series is dedicated to getting an inside look in the mind of a choreographer. We’ll get to see how their choreography creation process ... Read More ...
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In The Mind: #1 – Jasmine Santos

by: Tad Racca Hello and welcome, new readers! This is In The Mind, an “On One” blog series dedicated on getting an inside look in the mind of a choreographer and see how their creation process works. We’ll be sitting down with special choreographers and talk about highlighted pieces they have created. What is the piece about? Why did you choose ... Read More ...
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From the Ground Up: The Challenges of Directing a Dance Team

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.” –Jim Rohn Some believe that the director receives all the glory in a team’s success, but that is never the case. Success is only accomplished when the team feels that they have done it themselves. A true director values the opinions and beliefs of his teammates, while dealing with the challenges ... Read More ...
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