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Course Objectives



Find Your Creative Process


In this course, we will dive deep into your personal creative process, from fruition of an idea, to finished product. We will cover everything from freestyle concepts and tools, to creation of a piece of choreography and choreographic method. Finally, we will focus not only on the physical but also the mentality and mindset behind our personal journey through dance.

Students can expect that I, as a mentor, will guide and encourage them through challenging but rewarding exercises, designed to help identify their own style and how to best improve upon their own method of creativity.


“I began dancing seriously at the age of 16, first having an interest in styles of dance like krumping and popping. I fell in love with freestyle and became obsessed with the process of coming up with new concepts and stories to tell through movement. Soon after beginning to dance with my mentor at the time, I began learning choreography and even started to choreograph my own pieces. I would eventually fall in love with the process of having an idea, and being able to bring that idea to life. My two loves for freestyle and choreography intertwine and supplement each other. It is important to me to be able to teach how to analyze and understand how one can continuously improve and mold their own creative process in order to become the best dancer and artist they could possibly be.”

  • Week 1: General Movement Exploration Through Freestyle
  • Week 2: Isolation vs. Undulation
  • Week 3: Shapes and Sounds
  • Week 4: Intention and Storytelling
  • Week 5: Choreographic Method
  • Week 6: Mockshop
  • Week 7: Choreo Day
  • Week 8: Final Rehearsal


What skill level do I need to be to take a TAG course?

Required background for each TAG course will vary, though most courses are open to students of all levels. If you need further details or assistance, please reach out and consult with our front desk staff.

How big are classes sizes for TAG?

Class sizes will depend on the number of people signed up for a course. Class sizes may range from 3-10 people.

Can I take more than one TAG at a time?

Yes, as long as there is no schedule overlap among the courses you would like to sign up for, you can take more than one TAG course at a time. Each course will be individually charged the full amount.

What happens when I withdraw my enrollment during the TAG course?

The initial payment is non-refundable, however for any monthly payments already made, customers will be refunded for a prorated amount equivalent to the amount of any sessions beyond the time of withdrawal.

For example: A customer has paid the $180 initial payment and the first installment of $70. The customer only attended two sessions and has decided to withdraw from the course. This customer will receive a $35.00 refund.

Why is pricing different for monthly payments dependent on the number of students?

The number of students within each TAG course influences the amount of time each individual student will have with the mentor of the course. Thus, depending on the number of students enrolled in the course, the price will scale accordingly.

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