OOS UP is a membership program that lets you take unlimited classes at On One Studios for a flat monthly rate. Choose from our world-renowned programs in Choreography, K-Pop, Street Styles, and more. Learn at your leisure from the best the Bay has to offer.


Unlimited Classes

Take as many classes as you want, for a flat monthly fee.

Class Variety

Choose from our 5 Dance Programs: Choreography, K-Pop, Street Styles, and more.

Membership-Only Discounts

10% off Intensives, Events, and Merchandise.

For the Professional

The 9-to-5 can be draining. The daily commute is taxing and stressful. Come dance it all out with OOS UP! Dance is a great way to meet new people while getting in an amazing workout. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, or want to find a passion, our classes are for all ages and skill levels.

For the Student

School is meant to give you a great education, and dance will accelerate your path towards a successful career. Dance is physical, social, and emotional. Learn to express yourself with strength. Create mental and physical discipline. Find the ability to stand, walk, and move with confidence. OOS UP is perfect for the student.

For the Dancer

OOS UP is meticulously designed to give you the best dance experience possible. From Choreography classes in all levels, to Street Style sessions that will solidify your foundations, OOS UP will make you a better dancer. Continue your dance journey here, with a membership program that will elevate your craft.


What most won’t tell you about the growing process is that you’ll experience more losses than wins, but overcoming those losses is a growth experience. The wins ahead of you come as a direct result of that growth. We encourage you to welcome life’s challenges, and we celebrate them by marking milestones along the way.

Month 1

Get a tote bag when you first sign up!

Month 4

Custom-designed OOS UP Exclusive T-Shirt

Month 8

Sweat-resistant towel

Month 12

OOS UP Exclusive Sweater


How do I join OOS UP?

Click the “Sign Up Now” button above or visit our pricing page for more options.

Is OOS UP for all ages?

No, the Unlimited Program is available for ages 18+ only.

I want to sign up for OOS UP, but I already have a class pack - what will happen to my credits?

Your remaining class pack credits will be used as a discount for your OOP UP subscription.

For example, if you have 4 classes left of a 4-class pack, your first month of OOS UP will be $51 dollars ($115 – $64)

If I attend 0 classes in a month, will I still be charged the monthly fee?

Yes. If at any time you’d like to pause your OOS UP subscription, you can.

Can I pause my OOS UP account?

Yes! You can pause your OOS UP membership for a max of two months. When you unpause, your next billing period will be extended for the duration of your freeze. Note that you will not work towards your Milestone Perks during a pause.

To pause your OOP UP membership, fill out a withdrawal/suspension form and we will take care of the rest.

How long is the billing period?

The billing period is 30 days.

Is the monthly rate changed if you're offering less classes that month?

Unfortunately no. Like fitness studios, our monthly rate is fixed for every month, though you can pause your membership anytime.

Are any classes exempt from OOS UP?

OOS UP gets you into all of our regularly scheduled classes. Monday Night Workshops are not included, but all studio events, intensives, and merchandise are 10% off to you!

Can I share or gift my OOS UP account with a friend?

No, your OOS UP membership is nontransferable.

How can I cancel my membership?

Please email us at contact@ononestudios.com with the subject line “Cancel OOS UP Membership”, and we’ll follow up with next steps. Note that if you resign up, you won’t receive your OOS UP Milestone perks again. We recommend you to freeze your account.

To pause your OOP UP membership, fill out a withdrawal/suspension form and we will take care of the rest.

My question isn't answered here - who can I contact?

Please email us at contact@ononestudios.com, or call 669-241-4398 during open hours.

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